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Quality and durability have been exceptional

The Compac jacks have been great tools within our workshop for well over 20 years. The quality and durability have been exceptional.  The fact that replacement parts are available when required is crucial to keep our operation running smoothly. HARPER´S TIRE, CANADA

The Compac story

Four dedicated Danes established Compac in 1946. Their vision was to build superior hydraulic jacks. Our vision is still the same after more than 75 years in business and we are proud to continue in our efforts to strengthen our reputation for superior quality, which we have built up over the years.


since 1946

Compac has been manufacturing high quality hydraulic products since 1946. The aim of the experienced engineering staff at Compac is to ensure excellence in quality and reliability with the key objective of creating satisfied customers.

Excellent raw materials

Compac´s hydraulic components are manufactured in-house using high quality materials. Important raw materials like the special hydraulic tubes, seals, pressure balls, valve blocks, etc. are sourced from high quality raw materials suppliers only. There are no compromises concerning the quality of the critical raw materials used in Compac´s hydraulic systems.

Unique quality system

Compac operates a unique quality system that is inspired be the Japanese quality approach. The stringent quality system combines the quality mind-set and personal responsibility of everyone involved in the manufacturing process.

3 year factory warranty

Compac has set a benchmark in the industry by being the only manufacture to offer a full 3 year warranty. No other manufacture of similar products has exceeded or even matched this long warranty. The reason that Compac´s reliability and durability is setting the benchmark in the industry is the unique combination of excellent raw materials, experienced and quality minded workforce and a management system that embraces quality manufacturing.


Compac aims to design and develop products that provide users with the right features, benefits and specifications necessary to repair modern vehicles.


Meet the customer support team

Liselotte Laursen

Internal Sales Support


Dorte Bjerg

Internal Sales Support

Helle Bahnsen Kvium

Internal Sales Support

Lise Lotte Backer Gonzalez

Export Sales

Henrik Larsen

Export Sales

Sigurd Nielsen

Technical Support

Michael Just Pedersen

Head of Accounts

Varny Laursen

Managing Director

Christian Goth Hartmann

Sales Director